OEM/ODM systems maximizing satisfaction of the clients and global service OGM system

Service formalities

Client Request – Product Consultation – Contract – Analyze Distribution System – Determine Product Concept & Selling strategy – Design Development & Review Compulsory Limitation – Sample Confirm & Manufacturing - Shipping

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

It is consignment production based on clients requirements and designs, developing appropriate form to manufacture and deliver the complete products with clients trademarks.
It is manufacturing system that allows to drive down the cost of production since.
It is not necessary for client company to set up productive facilities.

* ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing)
ODM is a company (manufacturer) that is capable of designing and producing products according to specifications provided by a seller (brand). An ODM offers not only products and goods but also end-to-end services.

ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing)

Original Development Manufacturing System means the manufacturer develops products.
ODM system is a type of business operation method that manufacturer provides the entire process of process of production such as design, development, manufacturing, quality control and shipment with it’s unique technology and expertise including integrated total service.


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